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March 8, 2016
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March 8, 2016

The 2012 London women’s beach volleyball gold medal match featured both April Ross and Kerri Walsh Jennings on different sides of the net.

During that match, Misty May Treanor and Walsh Jennings took the gold medal while Jennifer Kessy and Ross took silver in the match.

This time around, Ross and Walsh Jennings will be competing with each other. While they were not able to come to the Team USA Olympic Media Summit, they tuned in via video chat from Rio De Janeiro.

Both athletes had a light-hearted attitude while tuning in from Rio, despite the connection issues and repeating numerous answers as the video chat occasionally timed out.

Many of the questions revolved around Walsh Jennings injury and surgery in her right shoulder during the beach volleyball season.

While the medal-winning duo has been playing through a lot of adversity, they didn’t seem very concerned about being able to compete at a high level in Rio.

“It’s just familiar ground, it’s something that is such a fun and beautiful challenge, regardless of what’s going on,” Walsh Jennings said. “There’s always something to deal with, I feel really good and optimistic that we’re going to qualify and kick butt in Rio.”

Rio also provides a new atmosphere for the volleyball players as there is so much focus on the sport both indoor and outdoor. While this is something not seen in the US, in March, both competitors noticed they amount of people playing the sport throughout the entire day.

A growing concern as the games come closer is the growing concern of the Zika virus, particularly with women in child birthing years.

Neither athlete seemed very concerned about the virus and in Walsh-Jennings perspective, she thinks that the media is making it bigger than it seems for them in Rio.

Walsh Jennings isn’t hesitating to take precautionary measures, however. She does not plan on getting pregnant during her preparation for the games, using plenty of bug spray and will also be tested to ensure she is in the clear when returning home.

Following the video press conference, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti addressed the press about the cities 2024 olympic bid.

Both Walsh Jennings and Ross’ hometowns are in California, they were excited about the potential Los Angeles bid in 2024. They even joked about pushing their careers for eight more year in order to potentially compete in those summer games.

The duo’s focus for now it just in Rio De Janeiro in August as they continue to prepare for competition in five months.

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